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The Open ODL Project Updated: 06-Oct-2002

Below you find the ODL files for all typelibs used by VBspeedsters. ODL stands for Object Definition Language. An ODL file is the source code for a typelib (a Type Library).
BStrAPI by G. Beckmann
FastString by Paul
JoinDecl by Matt Curland
StringHelpers by Egbert Nierop
VBVM6Lib by Michel Rutten

  BStrAPI by G.Beckmann
    BStrAPI - Guido's VB-Speed API-Interface
    Bstrapi.tlb, 3.840 bytes, 26.03.01 20:23:12

  UPDATE 10-Jun-2002
  FastString by Paul
    TypeLibrary by Wpsjr1@syix.com
    string.tlb, 5.304 bytes, 10.06.2002 10:05:32

  JoinDecl by Matt Curland
    JoinDecl.tlb, 3.124 bytes, 04.10.00 11:29:50

  StringHelpers by Egbert Nierop
    Helpers for the split function tlb - Egbert Nierop
    Split03.tlb, 7.008 bytes, 16.04.2001 16:30:48

  VBVM6Lib by Michel Rutten
    Visual Basic 6 Virtual Machine Type Library 1.0 by Michel Rutten - 
    Declarations and aliases for (undocumented) functions in the VB6 runtime library.
    VBVM6Lib.tlb, 18.952 bytes, 19.09.2002 16:08:38


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